What makes these colours special?

The colour palettes are created from scratch in our studio, they are influenced by our Real World Colours philosophy.

How are the Colour Palettes made?

We shoot high-quality photographs of the scene containing the colours, certain colours are selected and extracted from the image.

Each colour is then matched to its closet RAL, Pantone, CMYK, RGB and HSL value.

Easy-to-use presentation

Sample colour palette

Each colour palette is presented in an easy-to-use layout where you can view all the colour values in their different formats. There are brush strokes and 3D sphere shapes to give you an idea of the rendering. At the bottom of the sample, you have the isolated coloured stripes for easy use.

Colour Values

Colour values

For each colour the following industry standard colour references are indicated :


You can then use these values in your own project or indicate them to third parties for preparing paint, print or whatever.